Thursday, 22 February 2007

Pangkor Trip '07 - Day 3 - A Fireworm

This post is part of the Pangkor Trip 2007 series.
Day 1 Lumut · Approaching Pangkor Island · Havana Beach Resort · Nipah Bay Beach · Dinner
Day 2 More Hornbills · Boat Ride & Pulau Giam · White Tom Yam
Day 3 A Fireworm · Back to Lumut

The morning was spent as usual at Nipah Bay Beach. There were many water sports activities there, for example jet skiing, canoeing and banana boat ride. I tried out the banana boat ride and it was great fun (sadly, no photos). Later, somebody caught a fireworm washed up on the beach using a water bottle - and I had a chance to photograph this sea creature back at my chalet at Havana Beach Resort.

The following photo and a video show the fireworm swimming in the water bottle from a top-down perspective:

(Ref. No.: IMG_32720001)
Time: 11.09 am
[Large view][Exif data]

(Ref. No.: MVI_32730001)
Time: 11.10 am

I broke off taking pictures of the fireworm for a while...

The road in front of Havana Beach Resort. (Ref. No.: IMG_32790001)
Time: 11.35 am
[Large view][Exif data]

One more shot of the fireworm, this time viewed from the side of the bottle:

(Ref. No.: IMG_32820001)
Time: 11.40 am
[Large view][Exif data]

The fireworm was later released back into the sea.

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