Thursday, 22 February 2007

Pangkor Trip '07 - Day 3 - Back to Lumut

This post is part of the Pangkor Trip 2007 series.
Day 1 Lumut · Approaching Pangkor Island · Havana Beach Resort · Nipah Bay Beach · Dinner
Day 2 More Hornbills · Boat Ride & Pulau Giam · White Tom Yam
Day 3 A Fireworm · Back to Lumut

At noon, I was already packing my belongings and about to say goodbye to the folks on Pangkor Island. The trip from Havana Beach Resort to Pangkor Jetty in Pangkor Town was on board a taxi. I was soon waiting to take a ferry back to Lumut.

Part of a fishing village near Pangkor Jetty. (Ref. No.: IMG_32890001)
Time: 12.21 pm
Photographer's location: 4.213386° N, 100.576869° E
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A ferry approaching Pangkor Jetty. (Ref. No.: IMG_32930001)
Time: 12.59 pm
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An hour later, I was back at Lumut.

A road leading away from Lumut Ferry Terminal. (Ref. No.: IMG_32950001)
Time: 2.04 pm
Photographer's location: 4.2362° N, 100.6329° E
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This was the end of Pangkor Trip 2007.

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