Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Pangkor Trip '07 - Day 1 - Nipah Bay Beach

This post is part of the Pangkor Trip 2007 series.
Day 1 Lumut · Approaching Pangkor Island · Havana Beach Resort · Nipah Bay Beach · Dinner
Day 2 More Hornbills · Boat Ride & Pulau Giam · White Tom Yam
Day 3 A Fireworm · Back to Lumut

Tired of being in the resort for so long, it was time to go to the beach! Nipah Bay Beach was just across a road opposite Havana Beach Resort.

The following photos show Nipah Bay Beach and its surroundings:

Southern part of Nipah Bay Beach with two boats on it. (Ref. No.: IMG_31940001)
Time: 3.45 pm
[Large view][Exif data]

Northern part of Nipah Bay. (Ref. No.: IMG_31950001)
Time: 3.46 pm
[Large view][Exif data]

A motorboat coasting along Nipah Bay. (Ref. No.: IMG_31970001)
Time: 3.51 pm
[Large view][Exif data]

Images of the beach itself:

Waves lapping onto Nipah Bay Beach. (Ref. No.: IMG_32080001)
Time: 4.01 pm
[Large view][Exif data]

Somebody's name ('Yuzhe') written on the clean and sandy beach . (Ref. No.: IMG_32120001)
Time: 4.39 pm
[Large view][Exif data]

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* All times are in MYT (GMT +0800).

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